Google Comments on Why Everything is Always in Beta



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The word "Beta" scares me. To me, it means "Don't install me on your main computer, because I could summon the Ghost of Windows Crashed." Sorry Google, but as long as Chrome says beta, you won't find it on my machine.



It does make sense, but they are taking it one step over. If they've been out for a year or two in beta, it really doesn't make that much sense.



beta is killing the environment.  google, i implore you stop using beta's now!



Google needs to stop the Beta abuse!



Personally I'd much rather see Google roll out with versions to their web apps.  It is much easier to tell the different between a few tweaks here and there to a massive update roll out when version numbers change.  Beta in the sense they are using it is ambiguous and not very specific.  If you are going to butcher terms, at least make something up.  Anyone seeing Gmail go into a Gamma phase?



I agree that this is a confusing twist on the "Beta" concept.  Google and other companies should use "Epsilon" which would be used for "evolving" software. 

Beta = test/pre-release software

Epsilon = evolving software (no versions)




...but not somehting like GMail, where so many people use it. I don't care if there are updates, but I think it's final



Microsoft was abusing the term "beta" (even applying them to released products) long before Google even existed.



What's with businesses nowadays that just wish to confuse its users?

Isn't is pointless to comment on this matter at all? There are millions of users that understand BETA as being pre-ready release. Why would GOOGLE want to make its users feel condesecended?



In my experience the term "beta" normally implies relative instability as compared to a non-beta product.  I have often seen the term used in a derogatory manner as a reference to a game or application that was released with too many bugs (something like "Wow, I'm glad they have us pay to use their beta software.").  So it seems to me that the only thing Google's doing is hurting themselves...  And that's their own damn problem.



I think the best ourse of action is that offered by the poster above: Use Epsilon (or even Delta, to signify "change") as the designation for evolving web apps.

 Not only does this provide a somewhat unique marketing tag to their software, but it removes the shroud of confusion and abuse of the term "beta". Whether you're an avid gamer or multimedia user, the term "beta" is often associated with only partial functionality.

I love the fact that Google wants to portray their products as constantly evolving (usually for the better!), but the reinvention of an industry-wide term is a bit of a marketing stretch... Even for the behemoth that Google has become.

 However, keep in mind that iterated versions, lettered or numbered, with detailed changelog, takes extra time to upkeep and produce. It also contributes to convolution by the time you've detailed version 9.74, etc...

I think it's beneficial to both company and trusting customers to have an understanding that a product (app) will continually evolve/improve, without the demand for quantfiable proof every time said product changes. Perhaps a rolling, datestamped changelog and the "Epsilon/Delta" tag would best please the masses? 

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