Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Caught Sporting Project Glass HUD In Public



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I can picture the 99% ripping it off peoples faces in the street and the subway...



most of the the 99% already own ipods and smartphones. They are going to buy this too.

Seriously enough with this faux class war. The 99% of americans are the 1% of all of humanity. I wouldn't trade my middle class (just broke $60k a year for the first time) life for the life of any king or emperor from before the 20th century.

I was in Djibouti recently I and would love to see these "occupy" protesters explain to Djiboutians about how exploited we are in our country.

If you were just joking and I didn't get it, i'm sorry.



Is there any glass in these glasses? I see the rim in the picture but I don't really see any glass...



No glass that I can see, they look like the person wearing them can look up and maybe to the right to see updates and stuff.



I left my Google Glasses in a bar.



If people wear these glasses driving -- and you know they will -- the increased accident rate of those talking on cell phones while driving won't come close to the disaster this represents.

In addition, while the jury is still out about the effects of cell phone radiation on the brain, undoubtably these glasses will provide a continuous stream of high intensity EMF to the brain. Uh oh.

In other words, what price will people actually pay for the latest nifty toy?



With the size of those, there's no way you can put a processor and such in them. More likely, they just have a small battery and bluetooth, and your smartphone does the heavy lifting for it. I don't think things like bluetooth and wifi are nearly as dangerous (radiation-wise) as cell phone signals. (I could be wrong though.)

Besides, I don't want to be caught talking to myself in public. Seeing people do that with a bluetooth headset is already weird enough. However, if these could read your mind instead.... that would be REALLY cool! :D



Now that's a scary thought. In the demo they released in another article, the wearer was continually getting imagery coming from various sources (commercial advertising soon to follow) at a walking pace. Now picture the data streaming to his eye at roughly 8x speed while city driving. If Google is smart, they will build the glasses to disable themselves if one's ground speed increases past a walking pace.



I'm stoked.


Ghost XFX

It was thought about, but it just wasn't possible til now. I'll wait for someone else to come up with something similar, before I give google my money...

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