Google Chromebook May Get Touchscreen Upgrade



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Just when I thought chrome OS was dead, I see a ton of articles about it all of a sudden on here...



Chromebooks, Meh, touch screen or not.



I imagine my arms growing tired from being held up. It would just be more practical to use the mouse pad unless the screen was one of those spin around kind that could be folded down into a sort of tablet.



Forget adding touch to Chrome, IMO Google should just scupper Chrome OS altogether and give Android the capabilities of a desktop environment such as multi-window and hardware driver support.

Chrome OS may have made sense when it was launched but with the superphone hardware of today and how nicely Android has matured, there is almost no excuse not to push the limits of the truly mobile device. :)

Thinking about phones which dock into a monitor or keyboard; and transforms into a desktop. Or even Ubuntu's Android programme... God why can't the future be now? :p

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