Google Chrome Turns 3, Celebrates with 15.5 Percent Share of Browser Market



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I can't envision a world in which Chrome *doesn't* surpass FF. Normally, I wouldn't back your run-of-the-mill large corporation's supposedly "good" software, but Chrome has a lot going for it, whereas Firefox is slowly dying for a crap utilization of rapid release. I was a die-hard FF fan until Chrome really started gaining steam in late 2010. I doubt Chrome will beat out IE for the top spot, but that's just because the world isn't ready to handle Linux, and let's face the facts when we say most Windows users are IE users.

Chrome has :
- a large for-profit organization behind it (good in some cases, bad in others, but we also have:)
- an open source base from which the community can generate forks (true, FF already has this, but when combined with the above...)
- a rapid release cycle that is streamlined (updates every restart) & does not break most addons
- has a better feature set and security
- has a large collection of extensions and plug-ins, some of which are even Chrome-exclusive ; while this doesn't match up to Firefox's, the fact that FF's release cycle is breaking everything pretty much means Chrome wins here



What defines market share? I use Chrome all the time, except when I visit a certain ip.board based forum that doesn't work properly in Chrome. I have to use Firefox or IE there. (IE has a tiny little issue, so it's FF)



I can't see Chrome becoming a serious contender against Firefox until they wake up and provide Master Password support for its password saving abilities. Ît seems ridiculous to me that they are opposed to including it.

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