Google Chrome the "Speed King," According to New Study



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It crashes and hangs when Firefox does not.  In just the week I had to close Chrome 4 times becuase it crashed or hung up. With Firefox this happend maybe once a month.  I dig Chrome but I'll have to wait awhile for it to become more stable...and a few web sites, like don't load correctly in chrome...



I agree about the lack of extension support being a deal-breaker. I love how fast Chrome is, I like the spartan design a lot (it's great for my laptop with limited vertical resolution), and it just "feels" better when using ajax-heavy apps than Firefox. However, I can't live without Adblock Plus and, ironically enough, GMail Notifier.



Okay people this is what I get for my Q6600 based machine....

Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 aka "Minefield" (Today's Nightly Build with TraceMonkey enabled.)

Sunspider- 1189.6 ms  +/- 0.5%

Acid 3- 93/100 (With ALL the add-ons disabled because Adblock Plus for example drops the score.)

Firefox 3.0.5 

Sunspider- 2770.8 ms +/-1.0%

Acid 3- 71/100 (No add-ons.)

Opera 9.62

Sunspider- 3477.2 ms  +/- 1.7%

Acid 3- 85/100 with a Fail

IE8 Beta 2

Sunspider- 7443.0 ms +/- 0.7%

Acid 3- 21/100 with a Fail and a LinkTets Failure 

Chrome Beta ( 

Sunspider- 1048.0 ms +/- 0.9%

Acid 3- 79/100 with a LinkTest Failure

So at least on my machine, Chrome would be the "Speed King". But I'll still be sticking with Firefox 3.1 Beta as my default browser. 

But if anyone is interested with Firefox 3.1 Beta. Here's the link.


Keith E. Whisman

Awsome work Wolfdale. I actually use Opera, Chrome, Firefox3 and on rare occasions when necessary IE7. I actually like the scores for Firefox beta. It's really fast (2nd Best) and appears to be really accurate. But some websites like the TV listings for don't work properly the way they work in Opera, Chrome, and IE7. That's why I end up using all of them because some things don't work right in one and works fine in the other. There needs to be a solid standard that browsers have to meet.  If there is an acepted standard then why isn't it enforced?



That dot in the logo is the eye of google as they watch everything you do online and record all of your tracks.  To much google in your life may not be a good thing.  gmail, google apps, chrome, google mortgage, google car loans, google os, google life insurance.  google is fast becoming the wal-mart of the internet.  Do like the Dems said and spread the wealth around and not use everything from one company.



Sunspider Javascript Benchmark

Firefox(3.1 beta w/tracemonkey enabled): 1653.2ms +/- 6.6%
Google Chrome: 2033.4ms +/- 1.8%
Opera: 5444.4ms +/- 1.3%
Internet Explorer: 72414.6ms +/- 1.5%

Acid 3 Test (Standards Compliancy)

Firefox: 89%
Opera:  overall 85% (test was not smooth and therefore a failure)
Google Chrome: 79% (Linktest Failed)
Internet Explorer : Test would not complete on default settings


Keith E. Whisman

I've got the latest Firefox 3 in WinXP SP3 with all the latest patches and all I get is an Acid 3 score of 71/100

Google chrome is correct

And IE7 in WinXP I couldn't even see the score.. LOL....


I wonder what is up with Firefox... Are you running the latest version or is it something on my end? Are you running Vista or XP? It seams to me that we should be getting the same scores with Firefox.  



71 here with default settings. He cheated somehow.



It was Firefox 3.1 beta 1, sorry i forgot to include that in the second half of my benchmark. No cheating on my part.


Keith E. Whisman

unlikely i remember getting that same score a few months ago in vista ultimate64. it should be the same score though so something is going on.

perhaps the latest firefox is suckier than the version that was available a few months back but that makes no sense.

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