Google Chrome Headed to Android



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The honeycomb browser is 95% Chrome......and it SUCKS. Dolphin HD isnt any better because its just a skined stock browser.



I use firefox quite a lot, but at home I use chrome because for streaming video and smoother performance chrome is very very good.

When chrome comes to android I'll switch, hopefully chrome sync will also be included. ATM I'm using opera mini on the droid3 and it is also very very good - but I don't use opera anywhere else.  I don't know about you, but being able to use 1 browser in all places - with syncing bookmarks - would simplify my life.

edit- now that chrome has workable equivalents of adbock and noscript, it is a contender for being my top browser. Before that was the case, I only used it for streaming netflix and etc.



I'm using Dolphin HD for web browsing on my phone. I like it better than the stock browser as it is just as smooth while having tabbed browsing. Firefox on Android feels like a mess while the desktop version is quite nice.



Although I ma not a fan of Chrome, as an Android user I'll be the first to admit this should have happened a LONG time ago.  Android is Google's mobile OS, and Chrome is Google's Browser.  Does it not make sense to pair the two together?  Chrome might even run better on mobile than on PC!

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