Google Chrome Cracks 10 Percent Market Share



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 just click on the wrench and adjust the privacy settings as you like them. Check out MPC's 10 tips and tricks for Chrome, you will never use another browser.



Go Chrome or go home. The less stranglehold IE has on the Internet, the faster we can move on.

I use to be a huge Firefox fan. Hell, I still use it from time to time. But man, how times have changed. It use to be so fast, so light. But now I roll my eyes whenever I see an update about the 150th Firefox 4 beta. Talk about being late to the party. 

Chrome, on the other hand, impresses me with every release, and I don't even know about them half the time. Sometimes I'll open my browser and find it to be a lot quicker. That's the kind of updates I wish more applications had. There's nothing like opening your favorite program and finding a surprise like that. 



I have tried Google Chrome, and I like that it's fast. That's about it. Chrome, however, isn't designed too well for privacy, and I am a private person by nature.




Chrome does have an incognito mode, have you ever tried that?  

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