Google Chrome Coughs Up Market Share for Second Consecutive Month



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FF used to freeze on me, but now I prefer it over Chrome for the cache to memory,



Use google chrome! Big Brother commands it!



Best user name I've seen all day :P



I have had many problems with Chrome, mostly slow loading times but sometimes if I have torrents open then a page will only half load then Chrome will REFUSE to finish loading the page even after restarting my computer unless I clear all private browsing data. Not cool at all. I stick to Aurora as my main and IE 9 if I need to look up something quick that I know won't be involving any Flash or Java. I use Opera every now and then if I'm doing a lot of multitasking. I use a different browser for each thing I'm working on. Helps to keep it simple.



Firefox has been pissing me off lately, bitching about plugins, nagging updates and then crashing; market share has nothing to do with function.



For whatever reason, my notebook doesn't like chrome, and so do I... The default privacy settings, the 100% bias search tool and the WTF random incompatibility with Youtube (sometimes, but mostly when you try to upload...). The seemingly lack of "advance options" and most importantly... The speed felt exactly the same between Chrome and Nightly (64bit FF). IE9 is the only one with a lot of javascript problems causing pop-up "this shitty written website has some fked up scripts", you wanna stop it to improve performance? (If you press let it to continue, it would just froze forever - -")
My experience with Opera... It forces me to use a lot of shortcut keys that isn't build for tasters like me... tried a few different versions within multiple years, (like 5...) and still feels derpy... So no.



Mainly Chrome. Switch between Chrome, Firefox, and Maxthon often. Usually keep one going for a day or so with Chrome maybe lasting up to three days before I feel like changing.



I currently use FF 10.0. I use Chrome as a backup in case Ff has a problem with a site, but that doesn't happen too much anymore. I have tried Opera a couple of times, but there were a couple of things that bugged me (can't remember what right now) so I uninstalled it. Have tried Explored 9, but do not find anything to make me change from FF. One of the reasons I do not use Chrome is that, IMO, Google has gotten too large. My search engine as of late has been Bing. I think that Google's slogan of "don't do evil" has long ago gone by the wayside and I would prefer not to have all of my eggs in one basket. As an aside, there is now way I would use Google +!



I've been a Firefox user for years but had Chrome as a backup.

I recently tried Chrome 17 since Chrome is "hip" and it's all the rage with the kids nowadays.


Chrome takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R to load and doesn't seem any faster than Firefox 10. I currently have 10 tabs open(4 are video)and Firefox has been running for about a week and is using 336MB of RAM.



You recently tried Chrome 17 since (it's) "hip" and it's all the rage with the kids? Seriously...

Works fast for me on multiple computers/platforms to include Fedora, Ubuntu, Windows 7, and OSX. But then again so does Firefox last time I checked. No discernable differences.



Tried it and saw no reason to continue using it. Also many people did not really know they were downloading it, kinda like the Google toolbar that most people do not realize they are downloading. Nothing makes a geek more angry than to have some peice of software foisted on his, or a family members of friends computer. In the case of Chrome there is also a general suspicion that it is not super secure and that Google is watching you.
Anyway, it is now off all of our computers. Nuff said!



Make sure you check your hidden roaming folders for it as well.



Is it coincidence that since Yahoo eMail added some weird code to slow down under Chrome, Chrome has lost market share? Has anybody else noticed that? Apparently, there are other sites doing the same. Isn't Microsoft behind Yahoo? Just wondering. Maybe Google should look at that. Of course these sites will say that it's a bug in Chrome but it doesn't seem to be that at all. Am I going nuts?



Yes indeed!!



Been using Chrome since somebody told me about neat bookmarks. I love how it keeps my data synced between my desktop and laptop that's the selling point for me. Also its much easier to run and maintain when I put it on others PC's than always getting the latest flash player whenever I fix their PC.



Firefox FTW! I've been using FF since the initial beta, and though I have also used Chrome for awhile, I don't like it nearly as much. I still have it installed in the rare case that FF (and/or the extensions I use) doesn't work well with a particular site. I find it far more customizable and "power-user" friendly than Chrome, which throws out a lot of user choices in favor of their minimalist design. I can see why some people prefer Chrome, though, especially if they have little interest in tweaking their browser beyond the defaults.

Like a poster below (DoctorX), I have also found that trying to get bugs fixed or features tweaked or added to Chrome is painful, as the forum mods are serious jerks who couldn't care less about their user's concerns or needs. They really seem to run Google now as a business whose main product is YOU, which they sell to their actual customers: advertisers. A lot of free services do this, but the better ones at least try to fake their interest in their users more effectively (as Google used to do -- I guess after they became the most powerful Internet corporation they stopped bothering. Their basic attitude at this point is: "We own your internets, who else are you going to use? So shut it.")



I have been using Firefox for many years. Not that long ago I gave Chrome a fair shake and ran it as my primary browser for a few months. I liked it, but the add-ons of choice for me still needed work. Chrome's bookmark synch didn't consistently work. It would add bookmarks okay but never synched the deleted ones. Also AdBlock Plus is not nearly as good on Chrome. It failed to stop some intrusive popup windows on certain sites that Firefox's Adblock nailed every time. Sticking with Firefox for the time being.



Opera all the way at home, on the the Blackberry, and on my Nokia N800. Terra on the iPad. Forced to use IE at work.



Chrome is my personal-use browser. It maintains its speed even when left open all day, through multiple resumes from standby and with many tabs open. Sure it may use more memory than Firefox (this has been argued a lot, so I won't take a side--I'm just saying even if it does I don't care), but it keeps its speed up over time. Firefox fails to do that while also consuming massive amounts of memory.

I have to use Firefox for work since our web-based applications are designed for Firefox.

Our time-off software requires Internet Explorer.



Firefox. Never had memory leaks as other people say, of course I don't keep tons of tabs open either. Only run a half dozen or so plugins as well. I will give Waterfox a try and see how much faster the 64bit version is.



Firefox since day 1. Chrome is ok, but lacks the key addons I use.



Chrome user here going on a couple of years now. I have no real complaints about it - does everything I need it to do and is very flexible. I'm forced to use IE at work which blows and have tried FireFox a couple of times. But for whatever reason, can never get the colors to look right on FF which drives me crazy.

I'll check out WaterFox - sounds interesting.



Firefox in windows, chrome in Linux. I went all chrome for about a year, but I missed a couple firefox plugins, logmein doesn't have a chrome plugin yet. Firefox now has sync built in so I just decided to go with firefox while on windows (my main OS).

In Linux, chrome just seems so much faster and stable.



Chrome voluntarily took the hit - thought you would know that:



They should, they ran the same story:



Using Chrome currently, but I am less than thrilled with the print options. I just found out how to access flags and turn off the mandatory print preview, that helped quite a bit.



Waterfox 10.0.2. It is based on the current firefox source and it is pure 64bit. Chrome is nice and i used it for a couple of years, but it can be a little slow. Now there is 64bit flash,java, and silverlight, there is no reason to run 32bit. (Actually a couple of exceptions... proprietary plugins like for NASCAR need 32bit).

Waterfox is fast... very fast. It is now my default browser. Attempting to get a bug fixed or like a bunch of us tried to do (64bit chrome on windows which exists for linux) is painful. The mods/techs that answer the forums are assholes.

I keep Chrome installed in the rare case something does not work in Waterfox.



I was using the 32-bit version of Firefox for years. When Maximum PC posted a story about Waterfox a month or so on here I instantly switched to it. Waterfox is awesome and everything has worked exactly the same as it does in Firefox. Definitely a must if you are running a 64-bit OS.



I've been using Chrome since it launched (from Opera and Firefox) I have yet to see a good reason to switch since moving to Chrome. The plug ins have matured, its fast, light and with the bookmarks syncing to my Google account (and now my Galaxy Nexus seamlessly with Chrome for Android)I think I'm gonna stick with it for a while.

Google seems to have been getting a lot of hate recently in the Tech media (most of it FUD as far as I can see) so I wonder if that has had some effect on the usage numbers?

Also like others I'm still surprised that IE is holding up with so many superior options. I hate that I'm stuck using IE at work.



I am mostly a Firefox user but have an array of browsers installed for testing.

Probably one of the reasons chrome grew so fast is because its attached to so many installers. I have seen some computers ive worked on with multiple browsers because they forgot to uncheck the install box when installing some other Google software.



For the desktop, I'm still mainly a Firefox user (been using Firefox since 0.6, and then before that Netscape since 2.0), although I use Chrome (on Windows at work) or Chromium (on Linux at home) as my secondary browser (I find it handy sometimes to use a second browser for some tasks). But I spend at least 85% of my time in Firefox.

On my smartphone, I use Opera Mobile.



Seems like Chrome maybe hit its limit and now the numbers are fluctuating from internet usage.

The more puzzling question in my head is how IE still manages to hold onto 50+% of the market. IE is still a pile of junk no matter how many performance metrics you throw at me.



IE usage is pretty obvious. It's included with windows. The average user has no knowledge of alternate browsers or even why they would want another browser. If Windows didn't ship with a browser and people had to ask their techy friends how to connect to the net I doubt IE would have any market share at all.



Using chrome, but have been thinking about switching to Opera.

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