Google Chairman Says He Stayed On Apple's Board Until Those Jerks Got On His Last Nerve



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Someone call the Wambulance.

Rich ,overpaid CEO's are the last people I want to hear boardroom crying from.




"I was on the board until I couldn't stay on the board anymore." Schmidt explained during a question and answer session, without elaborating further. (Corrected from original quote.)



Eh, either way, Apple is full of elitist jerks. Their shiek image makes them believe they're better than the PC crowd. Unfortunately, some PC companies (read HP) make that seem true by seeing the iPad craze as more then just a current fad. Unfortunate. If Apple wins out in the end with their idea of what a consumer computer should be, we'll see the end of the best computing and gaming experiences that currently exist. Their ideas are incredulous and turn computing into the popularistic nonsense that network television has become. Popularity is the enemy of quality. We've all experienced that since high school elections. Meh.



This is how you present an off-hand news bite with a touch of humor while still being serious. This is the voice that got me hooked on MaximumPC.

Good article, Brad, especially considering how little we should care that Eric Schmidt thinks the Apple board of directors is a "bunch of poopy heads." That quote may not be exact.



That comment made me lol.  Thank you good sir :D

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