Google+ Catapults to 90 Million Users, Should Facebook Fret?



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I actually don't mind that few of my real life friends are on G+ right now. I find G+ is a great destination for information and opinions from people well outside my normal social circle, more like twitter than Facebook for me I guess.

The Android app for G+ is a hell of a lot better than the Facebook app to, more responsive, cleaner and the auto photo upload thing rocks.



The app is still buggy after you dig into it.



I have a G+ account, yet I hardly use it. Most of my base are still on Facebook or elsewhere. I would like it if they would allow users to have a custom url on G+. Side note: I guess they decided to eliminate the use of html in the rich text editor to combat spammers. Right when I was hoping for ss to become available. :/ lol

I clearly remember when several muttered Facebook would go nowhere when it was still young. So much for that theory aye? lol Google plus in the future very well may end up overtaking the blue giant. There should be several improvements made to increase the likelihood of that happening in my humble opinion. One being better integration with other existing social networks. I would like to see Google plus to additionally be a social manager. We already either pay a mint or spend sometimes hours managing our networks as is with what we have got now. My 2ยข. ;)



I think its more like alot of people have a google+ account but rarely use it. If you have a google mail account then signing up for google+ is just a few clicks away which results in alot of people creating accounts.



That's the thing though -- according to Larry Page, 60 percent are engaging the site daily, and 80 percent on a weekly basis.



Well I for one, am one of the 20% that barely goes on at all.


I Jedi

I use Google +, it's nice. Feels less cluttered.



Scoble posts like crazy. I need to put him in his own circle...

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