Is Google Building a Kindle Fire Killer?



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Google building ipad killers, this killer, that killer.. Y'know why all these killers?  Because Jobs had it right from the get-go -- Google has never had an original thought in their entire existence.


Google TV -- That sure killed AppleTV, no?


The more I see from Google, the more I see a company that mirrors all of the PRC -- Take someone else's ideas, and try and make them your own, then act as though you had an idea that wasn't actually someone else's.


Another lecherous company that adds exactly zero to innovation.





And apple does not mirror other ideas and then tries to call them their own?



Don't forget Chromebooks... those worked out soooo well. In fact, I can see them screwing this up just exactly the same way. Make a mediocre tablet, pimp it up big time on the web, and then overcharge and require a subscription for 3g/4g.


I Jedi

If they are, they're going to really need to up their game in video, newstand subscriptions and books. I also don't think a whole lot of people, the average joe, knows about Google's book services well enough to use it over Amazon Kindle.



Google does have a wide collection of streaming capable media offerings, just like Amazon.  The have video in Youtube, music now with Google Music, and books.  They have their own social network even.  it would kind of make sense to be able to compete with the Fire.

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