Google Apps Breaches 1 Million Business User Mark



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Elisabeth Brittani

It seems to me like Google wants to take the monopole over this industry, too. I was speaking with an executive coaching Tucson agent the other day about this virtual giant and he told me that we have started to become slaves of this brand without even noticing that. I agree with the sentence and I feel like every branch from an industry should be controlled by different companies, so we avoid depending on one of them alone.


Ella Rochelle

I've always thought that there aren't many people who agree to change something in their lives too easily. I still think that, although it could be that I haven't met the right people, yet. I didn't understand what kind of business rating services application was used to get the numbers, but at my place of work everybody has made peace with the Office package and I don't think this is going to change soon.

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