Google Apps To Abandon (Slightly) Older Browsers



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Honestly, I wonder how much the browsers really vary from the perspective of a web coder. For instance, how hard would it have been for Microsoft to let IE7 run on W2K? W2K and XP have very similar NT 5.x kernels, and much of the OS is the same. I think it's just because they wanted to kill W2K - not because it was hard from a coding perspective.


Mighty BOB!

I wonder how much of that is due to actual limitations in code.  (i.e. if the apps would still work perfectly fine from a "slightly" older browser using a forged header that reports a new browser.)

Also seriously?  I hate Chrome's minimalist UI so I'm not going to use it.  Firefox is being stupid and trying to imitate that UI and fix what isn't broken so I really do not want to upgrade to 4.  IE is just laughable and no self-respecting power user would use it as a primary browser.  Safari.. yeah, moving on to Opera, well I haven't tried Opera so I don't have an opinion of it.  That leaves FF 3.6.X which will be soon abandoned by Google's apps if Mozilla's idiotic release schedule results in new "major version number" that don't actually introduce major changes.

In short, I'm pissed.  Screw you Google.



Don't have to jump to 4.0 for Firefox just yet - it says 3.5 - which is not the same as 3.6.


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