Google Adds Automatic Captioning to Some YouTube Channels



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As a product of hard of hearing/deaf parents I am much more aware of captions than most and realize that,in fact,its still in its infancy.Try turning off the sound for a week or so and just reading the captions.The majority of them are terrible!Their either poorly spelled,incomplete or not in sync with the program,to name a few problems.Downloading video from the net.Forget it...Where does the captioning go when the file format is manipulated?What needs to be in that respect is for a separate "stream" to be created that is irremovable from the rest of broadcast/file.I believe once that is created/instituted then the files themself have the prospect to be encoded/manipulated to different formats without the issue of caption loss,also possibly,multilingually perhaps creating a new job sector or expanding a present one.At any rate,captions still have a long way to go... 



W00T! This is GREAT News :D -Now if only they did the same thing with other streaming media like over-at where I get my SG:U fix :P  After all I R Proud Deafie and its nice to finally be included in the Streaming Video world. 



This Google feature really is an innovative way to help people with disabilities. Aside from this is a big contribution for marketing, this will also give deaf people to enjoy the media. No need to get cash now for manual translator because there is a machine automated translator now for those people who needs them.

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