Google to Add Gamepad Support to Chrome



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This is a very smart move on Google's part. If Apple ever adds gamepad driver support to iOS, it would change everything.


Holly Golightly

This is a nifty little feature, although to be honest with you, I really do not like using console controllers. I feel that PC games are best enjoyed with a keyboard and mouse. Also, I highly doubt browser games will replace regular games anytime soon. Although it is great that Google is expanding support for Chrome with other devices like controllers, webcams and mics. Maybe we will see realistic Flash-Based/HTML5 games sooner than we think. Technology is moving so rapidly.



Oh my god now all browsers are gonna have shitty console graphics blah blah blah everything is gonna look like minecraft blah blah blah Battlefield 3 is better blah blah SKYRIM RULEZ!





so just because they add support for controllers immediately means it's going to suck?

There are some PC games that are better played with controllers than keyboards and mice.

FPSes, RTSes, and some RPGs: still rock with keyboard and mice.



I was being sarcastic. But I know plenty of the PC "purist" will bend logic enough and seriously somehow work the "shitty console graphics" argument in here.


Personally I dont understand how PC players play anything besides FPS's with keyboard and mouse.....oh wait PC doesnt have anything besides FPS's. Oh and a few RTS too. :/ 

Trying to play any racing, fighting, 3rd person action or sports games on PC(without a "shitty console graphics" controller) is an excercise in frustration. FPS's are still best played with keyboard and mouse Ill agree....but I dont feel like playing a FPS all the time. 



This looks really nice.


I love how Google is adding things no browser is using and is doing very well at it.

Keep up the good work Google!

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