Google Activating 160,000 Android Devices Every 24 Hours



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As an Android user myself, and of course this is just my opinion. I remember when the very first iphone came out; I thought it was the best phone ever because at the time there wasn’t anything else like it. I think at the present time people are starting to realize and or question what’s really so special about the iphone anymore!? What made it such a great phone in the first place was the ability to download and run great free apps right!? Being that the android OS is customizable, the android market and community is constantly expanding with tons of free apps, they have multiple platforms and service providers to choose from; there really isn’t a reason NOT to jump on the android bandwagon. Personally I’m tired of apple trying to dictate the way we use products we pay for. Nobody wants rules on what you can or can’t do on your own personal device. People want just that, a PERSONAL device, being able to customize and use it as you please…But maybe that’s just me? 
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The question is why? I think I know the answer--availability. If apple put out CDMA versions of the iPhone and sold to Verizon, Sprint, and everyone else, the iPhone would dominate. Sure, there would be some people still using Android devices, but not near the amount that are now.



Do you want Apple deciding what applications you are permitted to run? A gilded cage is still a cage.


Peanut Fox

You know what?  I think you may be right.



Think again. As hard as it might be to believe there are millions upon millions of people out there that won't buy an iPhone even if it was on every available network. Those that absolutely must have one will switch to AT&T. If you're not willing to switch and willing to buy an Android phone then you're probably not all that interested in the iPhone.

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