Google Accuses Microsoft of Proxy Legal War



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Nice picture. Very relevant! I expected that. When it comes to such important and big companies like Microsoft and Google people are curious, get involved an state their opinion. I don't know why the big fuss, but since they went so far and it comes to law violation I would really like too know what Jonathan Dickstein would have said. This guy studied Law and maybe he could have made the whole situation brighter.



It's too bad all the big companies are suing the life out of each other, eating up precious public court resources.

If they spend more money on R&D, that we'd all be in a better world!



 hehe Goggle is getting Ricky Rule'd.....

Coming soon to --Tokusatsu Heroes--
Five teenagers, one alien ghost, a robot, and the fate of the world.



Wait a minute. Google's complaint is that these guys hired a lawyer who is an expert at Anti-Trust law? Gee, that sure is suspicious. I don't think it's illegal though.  

“It's become clear that our competitors are scouring court dockets
around the world looking for complaints against Google into which they
can inject themselves, learn more about our business practices, and use
that information to develop a broader antitrust complaint against us,”

When you get as big as Google has, you're bound to violate a few trade laws, somewhere, even if you don't mean to. And then you get sued/fined. Ask Intel or Microsoft or ANY major corporation.


Keith E. Whisman

Microsoft, Google in court? Who would've thunk it. Really wow. MS and Google are pretty new to the legal thing, Not!

You know MS and Google spend so much time in court fighting legal battles that it's just not at all interesting any more. More of a yawn and yeah what else is new.

I realize that I should have been a legal aide. Now that is a job with some security at least at MS and Google. 

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