Google: 9,500 New Malicious Sites Appear Each and Every Day



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h e x e n

I tend not to use anything anymore. I back up my save files on games, pictures, music and such, and just reformat.

Once a year, quick and clean.

Not visiting odd, screwball sites helps as well. The interwebz can be a dangerous place, so don't wander too far. Dark evil awaits in the deepest basements, where the oldest of servers reside.



I use WOT, ABP (malicious ads), Ghostery (malicious scripts), MSE, and Malwarebytes (on-demand scanner). Surprisingly enough, I've found MSE cleaning java threats from a website I just visited, even though the site I was just browsing is legit. (perhaps there's a malicious ad?)


John Pombrio

Nice thing is that this is from a source that is NOT associated with anti-virus companies. Scary stuff.
I recommend World Of Trust(WOT) to help filter bad sites as well as using Google as a search engine. My son has had a lot less malware attacks since I installed it on Firefox for him.



"With great POWERS come great responsibility" Spider-man


John Pombrio

Wasn't that from Uncle Ben?


Brad Chacos

Bam! Ninja edited. Crud, I just tipped you off to my mad ninja editing skills.

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