Goodbye Microsoft Points, Hello Real Currency



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Wow this sucks because I have just gotten 4000 free microsoft points from

Guess I have limited time to refresh this website and get another code in under 5mins LOL!



fuck you.



Earlier this week? It was announced in May...



Hopefully they redeem them at the same rate that you had to buy them.
Anyone willing to provides odds that it will happen that way?

I am not a console player. That being said, if I were to purchase a console it certainly would NOT be the Xbox.
There are too many, in my opinion, invasive/exclusivity requirements with the new box that I would not put up with.
24/7 power on/connected requirement? Sorry, ain't gonna happen. And where I live can't happen in reality. Power outages are a given. Same with the 'net.
And the rest of their 'requirements' ain't gonna happen either. They can claim anti-piracy all they want.
Those requirements assure that I will NOT buy an Xbox for myself or for anyone as a gift.

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