Good Times Keep Rolling for Lenovo, Profits Jump 30 Percent in 2012



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It's like Benjamin Franklin wrote, "A good reputation is more valuable than money."

Lenovo has a reputation for being a company that makes computers that are reliable and won't crap out on you right after the one year warranty expires. That reputation is starting to reap benefits for them. It takes a significant amount of time to develop a good reputation but the rewards can be tremendous. Just look at Apple (whose reliability ratings are also high).



For work and professional needs, Lenovo has truly listened to their customers. A very different story than Dell, their closest competitor, one that supposedly has customisation of their products, as Dell's prime differential factor... Something that is lost in practical terms, when their relevant pricing comes out only thru packaged offers, obviously leaving critical details only to be had at much higher price choices.

Look at their 2012 lines. Most Lenovo pro-laptops have the 1600x900 option offered. Dell? struggling to do so in just a couple of top of the line models. And the same goes for ExpressCard connection availability, a feature that really opens a laptop for varied uses and needs or to backlit keyboards...

I'd risk to say that Dell possibly unknowingly has concentrated itself on big corporate clients rather than the myriad of pro-users, by way of their discriminating pricing and scarce critical feature availability.
Their marketing geniuses seemed to have constructed a complex choice structure akin to what Intel does (by providing some feats while negating other relevant ones) forgetting that they are far from being a monopoly/duopoly and while the industry is in the midst of long feeble demand times. Yes, on the short run they had revenue growth to show, but at long term other (Lenovo) is getting a good chunk of the sales as both their profit reports seem to prove.

If in the short run Lenovo realizes that different build materials, shapes and colors DO also factor in the sales equation (like Dell rightly did it), their profits are going to truly skyrocket leaving Dell and other competitors in real problems.



After much considerations with other brands, our company (a medium-small company) went with Lenovo pretty much in the last few years. They have excellent product and support.

I personally am looking for not one but two laptops but on the top of my list are a couple of lappies from Lenovo as well (one ultrabook and one cheap business).



its like the number one work laptop.

I'd never given ThinkPads a second thought till i was issued one for work last year.. its a tough little laptop, does the job pretty well.

what I am really talking about is quality. This thing was used when I got it, and I've put it through 1000s of hours of heavy use, and its still kicking great. I take it everywhere I go, and it's battery life is crazy good still. Top it off with its very small. Even thought at my work station I have 7 monitors, 5 of which are USB, but still, I run a lot of stuff.

After working with one, I can see why a product like this would have the price point it does considering the specs.

I firmly believe with IBM, you get what you pay for.

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