Good Old Games Adds Unreal Series, Keeps Things DRM-Free



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Giants, Fallout, MDK, Messiah, Sacrifice.  Damn, the last two alone... GOG, where have you been, my dear?  I'm in love.



Unreal2 TA was a good game I think maybe I will reinstall it and replay it. How come that game never got any attention when it was new?



BTW GameTap has Fallout for free. You dont even need to sighn up with a card to get it on their system. And yes it hashad all the Serious Sam games for a while now. And also, Grimm is freaken bomb if you havent tryed it already.



I have gotten twelve games from GOG now.   With their expanding library and low price, I doubt that I will ever purchase a new release again.

 -- An armed man is a free man. --



This looks interesting and may have potential. Is this a Steam-like service where it keeps a catalog of games you purchased and can download them anytime?

Still ... I certainly will be watching this in the coming months to see if anything better is for sale here (a few games look interesting). I would love to see Serious Sam on this or on Steam.

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