Going to Yankee Stadium? Leave Your iPad at Home



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I see the rationale behind this, and I don't see why people need to be so tuned in to technology when they are at a freaking baseball game! I will still wear my Yanks watches with pride the next time I visit Yankee Stadium though!



Fuck the Yankees, GO TIGERS!!



is it just me...or do i fail to see a real reason about that policy? its not explained why.... and to think i liked the yanks.....GO METS!!!!!



Even though the digital scorecard sounds cool, I still don't want an iPad and people surfing the web at games deserve to catch a foul ball in the face like Drew in that crappy Jimmy Fallon movie.






As an avid baseball fan (as well as an iPad fan), This policy would really upset me.

Not because I'd rather play Angry Birds HD or surf the web like this or the Yahoo sports article suggests. Rather, I think the iPad would be a great way to keep score at a game rather than using the traditional pencil and scorecard. In fact, I know ESPN (among several others) already have an iPad scorecard app in the app store for doing just this very thing. Just one more reason I'm glad I'm not a Yankee fan.



"Yankee equivalent of the computer world (that would be Apple, folks)" ????!?!?!??!

How does that argument work?  The Marlins would be the team that I would equate to Apple. They've had success, they have a small, rabid fan base, but they aren't going to dominate the league/market place any time soon.



You're absolutely right in that regard, though I meant it in terms of the Evil Empire designation, not market share or market dominance.

-Paul Lilly



Well Done Gents! You know...Im no Apple fan and I dont follow baseball anymore but when reading the headline I thought the same thing about using the iPad as a scorecard. Whenever I do get to a game I see a few people here and there keeping score on the old scorecards and in that situation a tablet or iPad would be great! I think the Yankees are missing an opportunity here. Thats just too bad.

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