GoDaddy Facing Possible Boycott Over SOPA Support



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I'm moving them right now!



I hate it when they try to play the jobs card. Granted, it will create quite a bit of jobs, however the amount of shutdowns this could cause would make it take away jobs if I did my facts right.

Besides that, I'm having a hard time believing they are going to find people to actually fill these jobs, the general public that knows about this is against it. I have yet to find ANYONE besides corporations and those that reside in it that is in favor of SOPA.




I sit here this morning drinking my coffee and wondering what the end game is here with SOPA. We have heard so much about it in the past few weeks. In my years (37 long ones), I have seen what can only be described as a slow transformation insto a police state as we gradually give up our personal rights in the hopes that it will give us a greater sense of security. 

15 years ago, a security guard at the airport touching your crotch would have been justification to pmel then into oblivion. Now it's accepted as due course. I get it too. I don't agree with it, but I get it. Now, we have politician trying to give away the internet in hopes of giving us more security. If only Orwell could see this. They are concidering giving the right to censor the internet to the media police. 

First, what the hell are they thinking to allow someone the right to censor anything in the United State? And secondly, to give it to a non-govement agancy. Why don't we give an  ICBM to that neighbor kid down the street wit ADD and anger control issues? Makes about as much sense. 

If there is one thing I remember from college, it is that historically, any nation that is based on revolution will repeat that action. Am I calling for an armed revolt that fills the streets with angry roving gangs of thugs? Definately not! However, each of us hold a weapon that all of these politicians that are voting to give away our freedoms is very afraid of. It's a voter registration card and I am calling for all of you to use in the months to come. 

From city councils all the way up to the presidential elections. Draw your weapon and put it to use. The parties themselves are getting behind this so we have to oppose the entire party to get our message across. If a single Republican votes for this then no Republicans shall take office.  A single Democrat, then the Democrats shall recieve no votes. And so on, till they understand that they cannot strip away our rights for the sake of money. 

I hate to say it, but this really is one of those "If your not with us, your against us" kind of things. Failing to stand up in this instance is equal to agreeing with them. We must rise up and show them that this is not acceptable to the American people and we WILL NOT TOLERATE IT!




My thoughts exactly. The divide and conquer (between republicans & democrats) have gone on long enough. People need to use common sense and educate themselves instead of buying in to the BS rhetoric from each party.

Fight SOPA

What Can You Do? (from

If you’re based in the U.S. and against this act, we urge that you e-sign this petition to ‘Stop The E-Parasite Act’. The initial goal was to get 25,000 signatures by the end of November and as I write this, there are more than 40,000. Clearly, this is a movement that is gaining momentum.

For our international friends, there is a petition here that has got a tremendous following.

EFF has another avenue to have yourself heard :



First glaring thing that stood out for me was that GoDaddy is worth 2 Billion dollars??? Just based on that alone would turn me off to them but add in that SOPA crap and u can forget about my business.



If I had a domain with GoDaddy I'd definitely be joining in on this boycott.  They don't deserve our business after this stupid ass statement.



There was a time when I seriously thought GoDaddy was a porn website. It was just a year ago I learned it was a domain registrar. I probably thought that because of the hot naked lesbians in their commericals.

Btw, I use 1&1 and am very happy. 



There are other cheap registrars out there that don't seem so sleezy, so I never have bothered to use GoDaddy.



"Would you move domains from GoDaddy if this picks up steam?"

Yes I would Ryan. On 12/16 I received my automatic renewal confirmation for a domain I havent built yet from GoDaddy. Work has begun on it tho and its not to late for me to get my money back on my renewal and switch host. Before i read your article I had no idea they were supporting the SOPA and I never would have thought to change companies. Ill chek out what some of those other offers are for you were mentioning. I hate having to deal with this crap right now but I cant do business with a company who supports the SOPA like this.



The questiioin I have is "why is GoDaddy in support of SOPA?"

I don't by the protecting/creating jobs line of crap.  That phrase is so overused, it reminds me of the last presidential election and the whole Mainstreet vs Wallstreet yakity yak we heard.  And I don't buy their crap of shutting down illegal activity.  They could just as easily turn the info over to law enforcement, rather than decide to step in as police, judge, jury and executioner.

I think they just want to drive more domain registrations that the illegal activity people will register as their reported domains get shut down.



Likely because GoDaddy scored a fat deal with some of the content producers who invented the SOPA in the first place someuid.


Its just like how Walmart and Mc Donads gave massive amounts of cash to passing Obamacare and then...WHOOP their exempt from it! GoDaddy obviously stand to gain something from this.



I hate SOPA and am sick of GoDaddy's sleezy commericals.  I am up for renewal but Hover is 2x as much as GoDaddy.  Are there any alternatives?



I'm pretty keen on powweb. Less than $4 a month with unlimited bandwidth and storage.



As mentioned in a previous post, have you tried 1&1?



This is something very interesting that I watched today:

If this is true, it looks like the big media companies enabled everyone to share files illegally by hosting and/or promoting file sharing software on their very own sites.  What a joke...




The only thing they're forgetting is the fact that cnet wasn't owned by CBS until 2008, 14 years after its founding.  Also, their evidence of companies working with Cnet are simply advertising.



Dang our email and fax through email for our business is with GoDaddy... I'm definitely pissed.



Never used GoDaddy, but if I did, I'd be pretty pissed, lol.


Neel Chauhan

Me too. Good thing my domain with GoSOPABecauseWeDontCareForAFreeInternet (That's what I would call GoDaddy now) expired a few months ago. Now I would register with a smaller domain company.

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