GoDaddy Accused of Stifling Domain Movers



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If you want a list of the SOPA supporters with email go here:

Here's my format for just one of the emails that I've sent in opposition to it:

Concerning your support for SOPA, as reflected on H.R. 3261,
I will look for your company name and refuse to watch, buy, participate, or in any way, use any products from Comcast in the future. Comcast, in its support, has shown that they have caved in to another special interest group with interest to both subjugate and demean the overwhelming majority of Americans who have no intent to do wrong. If you continue your support of SOPA, people like me will actively work to ensure that your company has no further impact on us. Thank you.



The only other registrar I've read of that's worse than GoDaddy is 1 & 1. You know, those people who take out multi page ads in the middle of this magazine's dead tree form :p They do things like lock a domain, prevent you from renewing, and then charge late fees. 


Side note: Love the magazine, hate the ads. Hawking shysters like this, and the ads that display "f me" models are what led me to let my subscription to the paper mag elapse.



Bob has some explaining to do or he is going to see his company hemorrhage out of control. If I were him, I might start thinking about selling my share before the it goes bust.


Ghost XFX

One foot out of the fire, into another....



I use Namecheap.  They have great customer/tech support.


I Jedi

I use to buy web domains from them, no longer.



I would not for a moment doubt it, given the horror stories I have heard about GoDaddy's customer service. they seem like a "profit at all costs" sort of place.

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