Gmail Plays Hide-and-Seek Over the Weekend, Users Not Amused



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 not one problem all weekend

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Maybe they should have kept in it beta a little longer...



I try and avoid everything google....once you depend on them (cloud computing), and it goes down for a few, for most, it's the end of the world because some or none of your stuff can be accessed at that time. Sorry for you google using folk that depend on it, but you were and still continue to be warned.



If it was a person using the email for work I can understand the irritation.  As for just home users there are other forms of communication, cell phones, land lines, actually getting out of the house and going to see someone.  I used to be stuck to my computer but after a while it does get boring.  I have found that not being tied to my computer all the time is the best thing that has happend.  Pick up some hobbies, because if you can sit there and tell me how long your google email has been down you need something else to do. 

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