Gmail Adds Drag and Drop Attachment Support, Keeps Being Awesome



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No folders, labels don't cut it.

No opening multiple accounts simulteniously.





There's a greasemonkey script that will give you folders if you need them, and there are firefox and chrome addons that will let you check multiple accounts simultaneously.



Aw man, when you were like "Awesome? NOT!" I was like "OH, BURN!"



Labels do every thing folders can do and then some. They take a little getting used to but they are far superior. As far as one account at a time, that is a pain. It's largely negated, though, by the fact that Gmail can can grab mail from other accounts automatically. I have it checking three other accounts and sorting each into a separate label configured like a folder.



Uh, folders suck, labels rule. I had written a long detailed reply as to why, but the spam filter on this site didn't want it posted. I can't believe they havent fixed that box of retarded yet.

You know users... Buncha bitchy little girls.



First post, and of course, can it run Crysis?

But this is a nice update... I'm sure it'll come in handy! 


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