Gmail About To Get A Redesign



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I'm a form follows function minimalist. I'm kind of with everyone else. There are a couple of cluttered spots, but going all the way in the other direction is the wrong solution.

Of more concern to me is that the new design will be incompatible with any of my work browsers. Large companies are notoriously slow about pushing new browser versions. Gmail is already partially incompatible with the version if IE on my work laptop. Now it will probably be incompatible with my Firefox version, too, unless IT gets around to pushing out that new Firefox version.


Stinky Fartface

I've been complaining for years about Google's lack of design skills. Most of their products suffer from excessive function over form, making them needlessly difficult to use, especially for first-timers. So I am kind of glad about this redesign they are doing. Problem is that the new design guidelines kind of suck. While being somewhat easier on the eyes, they create more problems than they solve. They have completely gone overboard with the white space thing. Their email page wastes a ton of valuable realestate up at the top of the page for no practical value, pushing your important info down. On my small laptop I practically have to scroll just to get to my first email. The calendar suffers from this even worse, with appointments constantly being pushed out, leaving a mysterious "plus 2 more" discriptions in their wake. Google needs to realize that form and function need to work together.



I agree with everyone else, especially with siramic. If we wanted anything more special we would get an email cliant, right? :P



It also looks like we're now going to get adds and the links below the reply field, as we also have on the right sidebar.



More things to click, tick or tweak??? As posted, I'm fine with the way it is, it's just email, we don't need to make it to gimmicky, do we?  ;-)



Same with don2041, i like gmail as it is. With a few tips from maximumpc, i enjoy using it.



I have been using gmail for a long time and have no problems with it. I don,t see the need to fix something thats not broken.



Agreed.  I don't mind the new look but my biggest complaint is the amount of wasted space, especially the amount of white space between emails.  Hopefully there will be some option or theme to keep the amount of space between mails the way ti is now.

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