GM Gives Up Selling New Cars through eBay



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Black Lable 69

All things change, they never stay the same. America used to be up
on its game in the car making biz. Those days "sadly?"
however seem to be over. We are a nation of mass innovation &
consumption which gives us great power. In this case it should be
obvious if the American car industry falls under the former or the
later. Uh me thinks it falls under neither, it has fallen completely
off the teetering scale & into a bottomless pit of hell. There is
always hope however, when those rare times come & new innovative
people bring something new to the table.

P.S. oh yeah, don't tell me we cant figure out a way to
manufacture cars cheaper than our competitors when you have Mega
Corps & others like WALMART saving God knows how much money by
having overseas workers.



You mean pulling, right?


You choose a flightless bird as a mascot and wonder why it doesn't take off?



Welcome to the normal person's life with eBay.

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