Globalfoundries to Spend Billions of Dollars on Factory in New York



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As soon as I heard New Youk, I thought of IBM in Poughkeepsie, NY, home of IBM's research labs. I have been there a bunch of times for work done for HP/Agilent test and measurement- great place to be as it has a tremendously smart bunch of people working there. Its the new Bell Labs of the age.



Yeah. How about instead of pushing out another factory you work on you 22nm process? KTHXBYE.



As interesting as this story is, why can't Mr. Lilly proofread his articles here. each and every on here is loaded with spelling errors. Not good for such a professional publication.



Perhaps he is using the same tools as we are when we reply that HAS NO SPEELLL CHECKING. The only way to spell check is to see what get underlined while waiting for the preview to show up.I hate this crappy interface. And what good is this Subject box  on top anymore?



Are you the pot or the kettle?


each and every on here........


Each should be capitalized at the beginning of a sentence.


on should be "one"


Need I say more Mr. Grammer expert?



Hopefully they can get back on their feet.  Although, their new plant in New York doesn't appear it will help out AMD in the short term.



It was spun off, I don't think it has anything to do with AMD anymore. It may make some of their chips but Paul had an article where AMD was using some other foundry for producting some of AMD newer chips.



It's good for increasing employment in the state and would encourage more people to go to school for science or tech based degrees.

I'm surprised to hear about this since there is considerable growth in the rabid environmentalist movement (they're opposed to factories being opened up in the state and are trying to shut down our only nuclear plant).

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