Global PC Shipments Continued Downward Trend in Fourth Quarter



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There would be more laptop sales if the laptop industry started to design better keyboards that are actually COMFORTABLE to type on, implemented higher resolution and newer technologies in displays, and add touchscreen support as a standard feature for most laptops. Hopefully these features will become more common in 2013 especially in budget laptops.



Tablets are good for porn and ebooks and nothing else. I have an i3 desktop with an IPS 24" monitor and I'll never give that up for a shitty 10" screen and some rubbish dock. That i3 will easily last for a few years for this basic box. I can also upgrade at will, not tied to some shitty plastic that gets obsolete after 1 month that you cannot upgrade.



Well, if we ask ourselves why pc sales are declining, then I think all of us would have a pretty clear answer. Speed improvements just aren't that big now from year to year, at least not as fast as a few years back. So most of us tend to stick with our computers for longer, the old hardware is usually enough unless you want to do hardcore gaming and with the financial situation not looking very good for most of America, there's no wonder people tend to gravitate towards tablets.

As for emerging markets such as China, the inflation there is getting pretty crazy high for those that live in the city, when you are starting to have trouble with your rent and food you're going to start cutting the fat.

But I think the pc will always have a important place, I don't think tablets will really take over. It's not possible type half as fast on a tablet, nor does a tablet have the processing power I need. As for schools doing tablet projects, I think it's just some lame &@#$ idea to try to make it seem they are doing something... I'm pretty sure that some countries that have better math/science scores don't use tablets or even computers.



Software is what drives new PC/Hardware sales for most users.

Video games were a huge part of this. The games currently being released are written for almost decade old consoles. There is really no need to upgrade to play newer games.

Windows was another bug pusher. Vista was a computer hog and pushed people to upgrade hardware to make it a more pleasant experience. Now you have win7 and win8 that are actually optimized to be efficient and thus reduced the need to upgrade.

Tablets are nice but fulfill different needs.



No surprise. Simply people saying see ya later 90's and hello 2013+...
I have no doubt schools and buisness will start sliding into tablets next. My high school is already exploring the option.
Only problem I can see it in a school enviroment is the things breaking or wearing down from constant use. They may be cheaper, but will failure rates surpass the price of a desktop computer lab in the years to come?
The ancient desktops that were in the lab lasted 10+ years before being replaced by three server compters hosting VM's.



I disagree that there will be a point where people who own both a PC and a tablet are the exception and not the norm. I like having my tablet, but there are quite a few things that it can't do that I can do on my PC.

I do agree that there will be a lot of people that have one or the other, but I can't see that as being the "norm."

I could be wrong though....



I was looking into buying a tablet to save wear and tear on my desktop. Instead, I built an ITX-based shoebox with a $59 dual core Sandy bridge processor.

I built it for casual surfing, and installed a 2TB drive for my movies. The whole thing cost around $375, and it's upgradable.

Plus, I get to use my 24" IPS monitor.

It runs great, though it's not portable like a tablet. Get a laptop if you need portability.


Paper Jam

For portability laptops still fall behind. What's the best battery life you can get, maybe two or three hours? And laptops are bulky. My tablet gets nine+ hours on a single charge and works fine for watching videos, checking email, and doing web searches. And my lap doesn't get uncomfortably hot while doing it.



I do think you're wrong. Just the fact that you read this article means you're a more 'tech-savy' person than the norm. For most 'common' people, they just need a device that lets them use the web, check their email (and even this is less important now than before since most people use web services for their email), casual entertainment, etc. and for these, tablets do the job just fine.

PCs are only really needed nowadays for business users and gamers.



The outlook for desktops isn't good. Products like yoga, slider, razor, etc. will cut into laptop and desktop sales. The graphics power will be down for the hard core crowd but using desktop cpus and advances in mobile graphics chips they will be more than fast enough for the mainstream.

I laughed when I first saw those oversided tablet. "Who on earth needs a 27" tablet!?!" But stick in a Haswell, espeacially Broadwell, and the next gen grahpics chips like Maxwell. Then put a stand under it, add a keyboard and mouse and you'll have something that is faster than what is under my desk now. And uses a third of the power.

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