Glasses-free 3D Tech Relies on Rapidly Batting Eyelids



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Instead of flippy 3d glasses lenses, you use flippy eyelids.

What a farce!



i don't understand how anyone with common sense and tech savvy would think this is possible at all.

there are about 10 reasons this is obviously fake:

1. the little attachments look like finished products, not lab prototypes

2. the little attachments are wireless

3. it takes 1/10th of a second to blink, not 1/120th of a second. the fastest recorded physical movements are in the 1/15th of a second realm. there is no way our eyes could blink anywhere near that fast, even with stimulation

4. even if they could, imagine the friction and dryness that would result. you would damage the surface of your eyes quickly

5. how can a tiny device attached to the temple possibly control the correct muscles? the face has over 100 muscles.

6. how could it provide enough power to physically move your eyelids that much? it's not free energy, it would require electricity. even a small amount at 120Hz adds up, it would need a power source

7. conventional glasses match the refresh rate of the screen so your eye sees 100% of the screen. with this "system" there are 4 steps to each frame refresh: eyes open, eyes closing, eyes closed, eyes opening. your eyes would be half-open half the time. either the picture would have to be blank most of the time or the 3d effect would suck, not to mention trying to watch a movie out of half-open eyes wouldn't look very good anyway.

need i go on?



Except for your first reason (it was intentionally made to look like a prototype with a DIP chip and LED sticking out), I agree.

Also, the remote controls he uses are a joke. They look like A/C remote controls with the batteries taken out (the screens are blank), and there's no reason why he would need two, let alone one. They're purely for dramatic and comic effect. This is not a hoax - this is a joke that was never meant to be taken seriously.




Not that this isn't completely fake or at the least a horrible idea, but you would be surprised how small of a discharge it takes to induce muscle contractions. Just take the taser for example. Although it is extremely high voltage, the amperage is tiny and therefore it doesn't require a large power source to completely immobilize a grown man.

Other than that, I agree with most of what you said. This product can't or at least shouldn't be real. If it ever did make it to the market it would have to cause serious injury to long time users.




...with Trim Jeans Theatre.



Wow MAXPC. You think this is possibly real? are you high?



he kinda look-alike the cross-betweens of Jesus Christ and Osama B.L.



Francois is actually Michael Gross who played the dad Steven Keaton on the TV Series Family Ties. Someone posted this in the youtube comments. Google image it.



Though he may look similar to how Michael looked back in the day, Michael Gross the actor is 64 years old.  There is NO WAY that the guy in that video is 64.  You got just as punked as MaxPC



Seriously... that dude is 900 year old.

Besides the actor in the video is CLEARLY James Franco.



Wow, do you notice what's happening to the eye lids?! Its not natural! Might be OK for short durations, certainly not for the duration of an average movie.




the single biggest problem with this idea is that the eye muscles would get extremely fatigued and after an extended amount of time watching tv this way (which admit it, most if not all americans watch a ton of TV)  your eye lids may feel extremely weak and there for you cant blink that well or even open your eyes.



Yeah, this was never going to happen guys. Attaching electrodes to your eyes for the masses to experience glasses-free 3d? Not now, not ever.



MaxPC is SOOOO punked.

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