Gigabyte's Super4 Motherboard Series Sounds Super Duper



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Gibabyte stuff is solid. I use it for most of my builds and I've never had any major problems.


I was looking for a mobo it would definitely be Gigabyte,Asus, or MSI. Those top three are the most reliable in my experience.


I have 1156 Gigabyte board and it is really nice. It's a nice, thick, solid plank.



I've never used Gigabyte's products before, and although I have no qualms with this company, I don't plan on using them in the future.  I am happy with my ASUS and EVGA parts just fine, until I get a really big reason to try out Gigabyte's components.  Also, something about their choice of color scheme just seems strange to me.


However; one thing does worry me about these boards:

"Super Speed: Integrated overclocking chip; Ultra Durable 2 power technology; 3x USB power for faster charging"

Sorry, but won't overvolting the USB ports make the devices short out, instead of just charging them faster?



I've purchased three Gigabyte motherboards (before Super4 these were Ultra Durable 3) now, a Radeon 6970 from them and the Aivia keyboard (Gigabyte).  These guys make good shit and I swear by them.

Thanks to this campaign of theirs, I am more alerted to what components make up my motherboard.



I buy a lot of my components from them too, never had an issue with any of their Mobo's or Gfx cards. Most of the components I sell at my store and that we build PCs with are Gigabyte too.

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