Gigabyte's 3D BIOS Technology is One Part Gimmick, Two Parts Rad



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I'm still holding out for a complete VR version, where I can use a forklift and cranes to put in memory and a cpu. 

Like movies, aren't the books always better?



As long as it's optional I don't really care.  I would never use it myself.  It's more of a nuisance factor that it will likely inflate the size of the BIOS image.

If motherboard makers really wanted to make the system BIOS more user friendly they would elaborate on the descriptions of various settings.  For some of the more cryptic settings on many boards there is no description at all.

If someone doesn't know what the various memory timings do then showing them where the memory slots are located on the motherboard really isn't going to help them.


Brian Dowding

It is optional - a more traditional text driven interface is still there labelled advanced mode.

Let's face it, who here doesn't know someone that thinks they are great with a PC and can't visually identify RAM...  This would help that person.


Brian Dowding

I can't see pure techs liking this, save for those of us who like to see innovation that can help increase the number of people we can count among our ranks.


Enthusiasts who are not yet thoroughly versed can stand to benefit from this.  Just as Windows was a graphical shell to make using the computer more accessable to those who can't yet code, the interface Gigabyte is proposing here can stand to be an accessable shell that can also educate those striving to become tech savvy.

We have the technology and capapbilities to spare - I say bring it on and welcome it.  Did we really expect to only need 64K forever?  (Some will know what I am alluding to, and it isn't BIOS footprints).



Ah Bill, that quote of yours makes me laugh.



I find this a little silly. Most users NEVER go into the BIOS. Mostly it's just techs or power users who access BIOS. As a PC Support Specialist, I would prefer the BIOS to be simple and efficient. Like it has been for decades.



"The basic idea is to make BIOS far more graphical, far more intuitive, and easier to access for entry-level and mainstream users than ever before,"

The problem with this is that the main stream or novice user really has no clue what these settings do, and more often than not do damage to their system because there is usually no manual that explains the features properly and in simple english*.

*Insert language of choice.



But it's not like anyone is going to buy this without knowing what a motherboard is.


Novice users won't buy this because they don't even know what a BIOS is 

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