Gigabyte Will Not Cut Motherboard Prices in Response to Asus



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Perplexing Man

Personally I would love to see a price war myself seeing as how I have had no problems with either company. It would be nice though to get a hold of a higher-end board for a bit cheaper. I am currently using Gigabyte but am planning to build again, this time unlike last though I am leaning more towards ASUS. However a price drop incentive would be more than welcomed.



Never had a problem with ASUS boreds. ive been running the same one for about 4 years now. cant afford to upgrade to AM2 so im stuck on 939 with my Opty 170.


Talcum X

 Always have, always will.


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I have to agree that Gigabyte boards have treated me VERY well.  I have not had an issue on four different boards I have used to build systems from them.  I will stick with Gigabyte, even if they are a little higher priced.  If it was 20% less for equivalent featured ASUS maybe I would change my mind, but for 10% or so, I will stick with Gigabyte.




Well, if Asus is achieving lower cost by cutting quality, I'd stick with Gigabyte.  It really depends on how they're cutting the prices.



Like anything else when predicting the future, only time will tell.  However, I don't mind Gigabyte not getting into a price war with Asus as long as their quality and service are improved.  Not that I've ever had a problem with Gigabyte's quality at all, though I've never had to try out their service thanks to their quality.  I haven't been as lucky with Asus.


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