Gigabyte Rolls Out Crucial BIOS Update For Overclockers With X79 Mobos



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So... Gigabyte recalls all these mobos in the Taiwan area, but says that it isn't necessary in North America? Is there a material difference between the mobos sold in Taiwan and those sold in N. America? Why is a BIOS update not sufficient for their Asian customers? Oh, and if the problem is poor components in the VRM, how does this new BIOS not throttle performance to keep the faulty VRM from melting down?

At this time I do not feel comfortable buying a Gigabyte motherboard. If Gigabyte feels that North American customers do not deserve to have their faulty mobos replaced before they catch fire, then why should I risk it? I'm running on a Gigabyte X58 UD5 mobo right now, but I will definitely be looking to other brands that fully support N. American customers in my future builds.


Keith E. Whisman

So I guess it can't play Crysis.



I've had a board recalled before (although it took a class action lawsuit to get it done), and it's a pain in the butt.  Stripping your computer, having it useless while you wait for very slow shipping, etc.  There really ought to be further compensation, as well as explicit support for cross-shipping.



Everyone must have had a long holiday.



Brad Chacos

D'oh! Then I copied and pasted the error over the entire article. Oops. Well, it's fixed now -- thanks for pointing it out. And since you've already given me a perfectly good alibi, I'll go ahead and blame the mistake on a long holiday.



I was wondering what the difference was between the GA-X79-UD3 and the GA-X79-UD3.

Glad you cleared that up.  :-)


Keith E. Whisman

Holy Smoke! Literally.

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