Gigabyte Pushes First AMD 6-Core CPU-Ready Mobo Out the Door



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 The proof will be in the specs. Both SATA 6Gps and USB 3.0 will be available with PCI modules. I do NOT expect to upgrade to SATA 6 as it won't be useful to my large collection of hard drives and I am not sweating the 4 second inprovement in boot time for a  SSD drive.

  The only reason I would do USB 3.0 is for hard drives and displays. Doubt displays will come very soon and I have a hot swap internal SATA enclosure (istarUSA from NewEgg) that does a hell of a lot better than E-SATA.

So will have to see.


Keith E. Whisman

With the knowledge that 1366 mobos being the only ones capable of Intel 6 and 8 core CPU's in the future the purchase of these high end mobos way back when with the thought of extending the life of your hardware is largely misplaced. I mean look at all the new goodies that didn't come equipped in your 1366mobo like Sata 3 6gbp and USB3 to name a few. So no more about reusing your old mobo for the new intel processors. When the new 6 and 8core procs come out it's high time to upgrade that mobo to add some functionality as well. 

Even is you say you don't need all the new tech you can't look me in the eye and tell me you don't want it.  



 Don't forget the sideport memory. That's dedicated RAM for your IGP! Intel and nVidia don't have that (as far as I can tell). Sideport memory is the best thing to happen to integrated graphics since using proper graphics chips. Plus it works wonders for HTPC's as you can load up your board w/4GB of RAM, and not worry about any of it being taken for the IGP. I wish I had waited another month before I upgraded my HTPC, as I'd have gotten a board with Sideport memory.

Integrated graphics are nothing to laugh at any more thanks to ATi


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



There are a few online stores that carry this board now, such as The price seems to be around 143 though I may wait until newegg or tigerdirect gets the board before pruchasing it.



i love the color of this but im not a hugh ati fan, now if this supported sli id probly jump all over this.



I used to be in the Nvidia camp until Vista released and my PC BSOD'd all the time due to Nvidia's crappy drivers at teh time. Switched to AMD and have not looked back, have run problem free, even under Linux.

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