Gigabyte Outs The Aivia Xenon, A Mouse/Touchpad Hybrid



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Peanut Fox

I really like how the logitech G700 feels. I'd describe it more as a sick infatuation. Looking at how square this mouse is in comparison, and the lack of any ergonomics in the design makes it a no for me. Rather than put the touch pad on the mouse, why not put it somewhere on the keyboard?

I like you Gigabyte. Rolling one of your motherboards now, but I don't think this is well thought out.




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I kind of like the idea of having a little touchpad. There are a few music apps on my iOS that I would love to be able to use on my PC (or have similarly functioning applications developed for PC). They really need touch to be used correctly, and this seems like a good way to at least allow such a thing to be theoretically possible.



"Have you ever looked down at your mouse and said to yourself, 'You know, I wish this doubled as a touchpad?'"

No. But if I did, the Magic Mouse has been out for almost three years.



this. its basicly a magic mouse clone.

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