Gigabyte Launches Extreme Ultrabook U2442 with Discrete Graphics



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This actually doesn't seem to be too bad. Finally an Ultrabook that can challenge my old desktop in every regard without being prohibitively expensive. Plus Gigabyte products have worked fairly well for me.

Of course I'd prefer a higher screen resolution but who wouldn't?



What are the chances we will see this in the US any time soon?



Wonder what that does to battery life.

You can look down the list of news articles and see that paul is the hardest working man with maximum pc. Even on slow days for technology you can count on paul to have news articles ready to go at maximum pc. This toast is for you buddy!



Good question. The U2442 is infused with Nvidia's Optimus technology, so for day-to-day computing chores, it shouldn't really take a hit (in theory), not until you fire up a game or a 3D intensive task.

And hey, thanks for the props/toast!

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