Gigabyte Catches up to Asus in Motherboard Market



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 When my brother, dad and I were building our own machines, we looked for a balance between cost and quality.  My brother and dad first ran with ECS in the days of single-core processors.  They were hoping to get me on to ECS as well.  Unfortunately, I figured out the hard way on how shitty ECS boards were (they were hoping to get me a Pentium 4 3.2 Ghz + ECS mobo deal for like $130, pretty much what they were using at the time which was like 7 years ago).  I ended up buying a more expensive CPU+mobo deal which included a Gigabyte mobo paired with an AMD Athlon 3800+ (2.4 Ghz) that was close to $200 at the time (again, about 7 years ago).  I cherished every moment I booted up machine and had everthing working.  Since then, my brother is using a Gigabyte X58 board and is loving it (he used the OC app that Gigabyte had and OC'd his i7-920 up to 3.7 Ghz w/ some simple watercooling but had to clock it down to about 3.3 due to instability).  Also, the BIOS update required for some of the AMD "Brisbane" processors wasn't so bad (I had upgraded to a 2.9 Ghz AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+).  Too bad I couldn't get a solid combo deal when I got around to upgrading to an AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE and DDR3 memory (I ended up getting an MSI 770-C45 for $30 and paired it with the processor which costed $150).  If there was a damn good deal on a Gigabyte board, I wouldn't hesitate on buying it.



Slice prices? DO IT! I want to actually build a dual Xeon Nehalem monster, and the Asus Mobo I'm looking at is almost $400. If they lower the prices, that would be great. 


Electronically charged



Gigabyte offered me what Asus offered for $30 more.  It was a no brainer, I went with Gigabyte and love it.  They even offer features in their low end motherboards that are usually in much more expensive models from other brands! Go Gigabyte!!!!


Keith E. Whisman

When is Gigabyte going to upgrade it's name to Terabyte?

Well joking aside I'm very happy that Gigabyte has stayed the course as it's always been a company that has been all about gimmicks like the Six Phase power thing with the module that didn't seem to really do anything with zero change in performance when that dohicky multi phase power module was in our out.

But look Gigabyte has stayed the course just building good clean motherboards. Never really going all out to try to be the most powerful at least not like Abit. Gigabyte has always done full page ads in the magazines and outside of the funny power phase gimmick Gigabyte has never once made any absurd statements about the performance of their products and I can really appreciate that from a mobo provider.

Lets look forward to a nice long and happy future with Gigabyte still staying the course and driving at a nice and steady pace.

And I never ever thought Gigabyte would ever pull ahead of Asus on anything. 



Lower prices to meet competition are great but cutting quality to cut costs to meet lower prices is not OK.  For example, I would not buy a motherboard that does not use (non Chinese made) solid state capacitors.

If they get into a price war I just hope that they both still offer uncomprimised quality at least on their higher end models.



If a company slashes quality in order to slash price, consumers will be willing to pay a little more for the competitor's product. So it's important for competing companies to keep quality good during a price war. Hence, why the consumer wins.


Peanut Fox

Don't you mean Japanese capasitors?  

If it was a joke about everything being made in China I completely missed it. 


I'll add that even Gigabyte's low end motherboards offer more than what most would expect on a sub $100 plank of PCB. 



I hope they slash prices. Price wars are the best thing that can possibly happen to consumers. Go Gigabyte! Keep nipping at Asus's heels! (hopefully for a very long time).



Awwww! I just bought an Asus p6x5d Premium to go along with my new 930. I got a good combo deal for them both on newegg so I really can't complain if prices drop. :)

Interestingly I was seriously looking at the Gigabyte UD7 but decided against it because of its crazy heat pipes, plus I don't really need the 24 phase power so I can set overclocking records on LN2, run an i9 full bore or something. Also, I saw a review saying the pad on the stock cooling fins built into the MB where you attach the extended fins/waterblock does not actually touch the board, but is supported on more fins which transfers heat pretty good but not the greatest.

Corsair Obsidian 800D = Win

-Nvida vs. ATI, who cares as long as it maximum!

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