Gigabyte Booktop M1305 Beefs Up While Docked with External GeForce GT220



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Remember the ATI XGP? Or how about the Asus XG Station? Both had MPC articles dedicated to them. In fact, one (the XGP) was shown prominently in the ad section of this website. I'm sure there have been other attempts at external graphics by other prominent manufacturers.

Quite simply, I'll believe it when I see it, and I am not expecting to see it.


You can have your recession. I'm not participating.



I think this would be a great idea.  I dont know how many people would acutally want to game on a netbook screen as stated below, but it'd be great to use a decent laptop with intergrated graphics on the road then to be able to bring it home and actually play games on it.  Would there need to be some kind of PCIe 16x or 8x port on the back to get enough memory bandwidth or whatever (not trying to act like I even grasp what would be necessary..)? 



Docks also normally support second monitors, and often at higher resolution. Although put the right video card in this dock and you could technically support dual monitors. I hear you on the interface question(s). It'll be interesting to see how this is in action.

We should tell Gigabyte to change up the lame white color for anything else.



sorry to be the negative nelly about this. Its a great concept and its certainly needed for the gaming scene but it has its limitations. like power source? is he external brick running off the netbook or has it got its own power source and if so how much is that 220 actually producing. I cant imagine it being much hence why they didnt stick a 295GTX in there lol



You've never seen a docking station before have you? It generally plugs into the wall, it won't run off the power of the laptop, and since it connects to the rear, it has power to the laptop through the docking station, so it's charging while it's docked. The dock has never been intended to be portable, it stays plugged into the wall.



Do I smell a 5800 series dock? :D Where can I get one for MY laptop? XD



 Or have we now stepped into the realm of external graphics!?! Who gives a crap if its a GT series or a 58xx series 'card' on there, this opens up a whole new field with portable gaming! This beats the pants off of ION and it is still smaller and more portable than one of those Alienware beasts. Plus it is detachable, meaning if you don't need the gaming, but want portability, detach, stick in bag and go.

Gigabyte has just brought smexy back to the netbook.






Why stop at a netbook-style portable? Why not get this type of thing working for a workstation-class laptop? I want to see an external 275 or 285 dock. Go with ATI on this one and use one of those ultra-low-power 58xx series cards in the dock. This idea is fantastic, now other companies should figure it out and run with it. Let's see an Ion platform with a 275 dock ... when plugged in the 275 can handle the graphics and the Ion chip can be a dedicated physics processor.

Then if you want to upgrade your graphics card there's a chance you could upgrade the dock for the laptop down the road.

Great idea on this one from Gigabyte!




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