Gigabyte Bakes Native PCI-E Gen. 3 and Ivy Bridge Support into Latest BIOS for 6 Series Motherboards



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Gigabyte should also take care of Sandy Bridge CPU. My GBT Z68-UD7-B3 can’t finish 3DMark11 with Core i7 2600K and AMD HD 5770 VGA by latest bios (F8) which claimed support 22nm Ive Bridge and PCIE Gen.3. All bios setting were default, this was very strange. However, the older version bios (F7/F6) are OK. This situation is not allowed when you assert your boards support new function, what will most end user think when they still use Sandy Bridge CPU?


Be careful when you update this new may not good for your system…. 

The fail screen





So my z68x-UD5 has PCIe 3 slots??? I don't understand how that is a bios feature and not a hardware feature...



lol lol lol.... i'm confused I have a Z68X-UD3-B3 and it isn't on that list however the F6 bios for it came out a week ago that offered 22nm cpu support... confused or annoyed one of the i suppose maybe this board get the ivy upgrade but now the PCIe gen 3?



After finishing my new build just four days ago Thanks to MPC and thinking of getting ahead a little in this tech race after 7 years since my last build with a ASUS SABERTOOTH P67, Intel i7 2600K, 16GB Corsair vengeance DDR3, Corsair 600T, Corsair AX1200, 2 ASUS GTX570  , 1 Corsair 120 GB GT SSD, Corsair H100, 1 WD 1TB Caviar Black HD,

I'm hoping ASUS does this, really.

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