Gigabyte Apologizes for HyperMemory Marketing Gaffe



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I wasn't expecting to read that Gigabyte has made such a mistake. I have always thought this company sells very good products and offers wonderful customer support. Then again, such gaffes are sometimes ways of making money through advertising. We've all heard the saying: There's no such thing as bad publicity. So now I'm asking myself, did they really made a mistake or did they just wanted their names in the press?



It would be easier if they revised the label on the box. I noticed that there's a part where it says HYPER MEMORY then followed with memory (up arrow) 1gb. They should have said: Memory up to 1.0gb instead.

But then again a lot of people don't kow what these technology is. The same thing happened with nvidia's TC, cards was labeled as 256mb or 512mb despite only having half the amount of ram on board.



Most business people and yes that includes Marketing people don't know specs., or configurations at all. You tell them hyper memory would give the card 1G instead of 528mb. They often don't know what that means except 1G is bigger than 528MB. That's what happens here.



HyperMemory is actually ATI's technology which describes exactly what the article says: using system memory in combination with local video memory to increase the apparent total memory size. NVIDIA had a similar technology called TurboCache, which they got int a similar gaffe for advertising total memory instead of local video memory.

Which is kind of funny considering I think most graphics cards do this transparently anyway, but the difference here is the system permanently gives the allocated memory to the graphics card (if you look up your available memory, it will be less than installed memory).



This is great. It's nice, as you say, for a company to step up instead of saying "tough stuff, mister customer" with an asterisc on the package.

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