Gigabyte "Aggressively Adopting USB 3.0" on Several Motherboard Models



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 Horray for Gigabyte, this means that if I want to use a 3.0 box, I won't need to upgrade mobos.


Gigabyte 785GX Micro Atx

AMD Phenom II 720 (Quad @ 3.6 Ghz 1.47v.)

6 GB DDR3 1333

Corsair 500w

Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro Rev.2

HIS HD 5850 @ 940/1175/1175v

500 GB



 About the only reasons that I can think of is external hard drives and perhaps a faster web cam. Another stretch is to get rid of a wallwart or two . Anyone else come up with a good reason?

 Right now I am using a 5 1/4 inch hot swap SATA enclosure from i s t a r u s a from N e w E g g (Take that, you spam blocker!)

USB 3.0? Not for now, thanks. 




Half of us still have older motherboards, even our powerhouses are like 2008 age and do not support USB 3.0 There should be more expansion cards sold since most people in the world are too broke to buy a new computer with a new motherboard with a cost of 300 dollars for the motherboard itself.



By using the NEC chip, are the Gigabyte boards prone to having the PCIe channel raped whenever a USB3.0 device is plugged in?

So far, most implementations of USB3.0 onto motherboards has seen the PCIe subsystem be reduced to provide the bandwidth needed for USB3.0. I'd like to know if this is the case with the newer Gigabyte boards since I can't seem to find out anything myself. 

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