Gigabyte’s S1080 Windows 7 Tablet Stops By the FCC – NA Release Coming Soon



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I bet the battery life sucks--- Then it's just a netbook with no keyboard



no display port or dvi or hdmi, but a d-sub???



@sdcat: My guess is because this tablet is aimed more at business users, which are the only users really in the market for a Windows 7 tablet. And if most businesses are anything like my company, we buy inexpensive LCD screens for use when laptops are docked, which don't generally have display port or HDMI, sometimes have DVI, but ALWAYS have d-sub.

I work in the IT department at a medical clinic, and we currently use Fujitsu convertible tablets (full keyboards like a normal laptop, convertible into a tablet.) Fujitsu, we've found, is the only manufacturer that is really serious about Windows tablets. They have some really nice Windows 7 convertible tablets with touch-screen capabilities as well as pen capabilities. Our medical charting app (and Office and other apps essential to our business) is Windows-only - we're trying out alternate OS's like the iPad using Citrix Connector, with limited success. Some physicians absolutely love using an iPad with our charting app - mostly those that have an iPad themselves. Others have tried it and gone back to their Windows tablets.

I took a serious look at this tablet, and it looks great, except for the relatively low vertical resolution of 600. Unfortunately our charting app requires minimum of 800 vertical resolution (its screens are bitmapped, not easily resizable), so regardless of how nice this tablet looks, it just won't work for us - it would require scrolling up and down on almost every screen, which gets annoying quickly.

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