Ghost of PS3's 'Other OS' Feature Continues to Haunt Sony



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So how do I sign up for this class action law suit.  My ps3 has suffered.



ya, i would not have bought mine if i had known that was going to be removed. why didn't i get a 360 instead.



This is exactly the reason why I will never own another sony product again. The last sony product I purchased was a ps2. You were supposed to be able to watch DVDs on it, but only about half the dvds I ever put in the thing actually played. Then comes ps3, where they remove more features with every update. Eventually they will disable the ability to play games all together and claim that it is simply designed to be an extremely limited web browser.

Sorry sony, but you aren't getting any of my money.



The only discs my PS2 wouldn't play were damaged discs that even my computer had trouble with.

But I must agree, removing a feature is a CRIME!

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