Get Ready to Be Gouged, Verizon Plans on Tiered 4G Data Pricing



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Keith E. Whisman

I'm pretty epic with my usage I consume about 100GB downloaded and about 15GB Uploaded each month. I like my movies I mean you know Hulu... Yeah....

And the music services offered by Pirate bay and Demonoid. 



Verizon started requiring the $30 ulimited data plan for smart phones in January, effectively pricing smartphones out of the market for casual data users.  Hopefully this new pricing will change that.



Verizon's unlimited plan is just that, unlimited, there is no 5GB cap, I myself have used over 5GB in a month a few times and have had no additional charges. I have also heard of people who have gone into the 12-13GB range repeatedly with no charges. The 5GB cap only applies to tethering, not to pure phone usage.


Ryan Whitwam

It's not usually a hard cap. It works sort of how Comcast's caps work. If you go over consistently, they'll complain. But doing it just a few times with your phone won't get their attention.



It's not a cap at all, even Verizon employees say there is no cap for phone usage, it only applies when you tether.



Wow! Well you know, when the verizon employees say this, it has to be true!

Kind of like how Comcast initially said it had no internet caps, hahahha that must have been an accident! Employees of giant lifeless corporations would never lie to their costumers! ever! 





But at least sprints plan is $10 more for truly unlimited data, no cap at all.


Live, Learn, and Shut the Fuck Up. 



Sprint's is unlimited data now, no cap. I have the Pre with Exchange email and routinely receive over 200 emails a day plus I have have 4 personal email accounts setup on it also. I am on this phone all the time,as it is a laptop replacemnt for me, as I can edit documents on it, which I do frequently, no to mention when I am tied to my desk or in my car, have Pandora playing on it. I stram videos on it as well as use Sprint TV all the time as well. My bill is a constant $65 a month. I was looking at teh EVO until I heard about the additional fees, now not so sure. Do not see the need to pay an extra $10 for unlimited data when unlimited, uncapped data is already part of everyones plan. Just another money grab 

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