Get Up Close and Personal with the Zune HD at Select Best Buys



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i think it does use the same connection. the guy said the cradle was backwards compatible. check out my blog for details:



Is this going to have the original Zune connection?  Seems like they
would need something a bit more throwing HD around.  Wouldn't a USB
connection be amazing?  If all cell phones went to MicroUSB, and Apple
and Zune went to USB so we would not need 654891 different cables
for everything in our lives and everything could be interchangeable.. sigh.. what a magical world that would be.


The difference between insanity and genius is merely succes



 I really want one of these things. I could never justify being seen with an iPod because of the amount of Apple hating I do, and the regular Zune never really seemed to par. The Zii Egg also interests me, when does the retail version of that come out?




i just started to enjoy my 120GB Zune from last year. maybe it will run aportable player version of windows 7?

With a possibly slightly larger screen, and the fact i would still have to convert regular movie clips and movies to the possibly NEW HD format, i cannot see the HD one being any better right now.

the best buy near my house isn't even on the PDF listing for showings, but oh well. maybe i should start learning handbrake and using it more often.

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