German Towns Allow You to Control Streetlights With Your Phone



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Marble Host

Published 25 hours ago by Iria at
... I've often wondered just how much electricity is wasted because of
all the lights left on all night long in cities. I don't mean street
lights necessarily, so much as advertising and lights in closed stores
and the like. But as far as street lights go, some towns in Germany are
finding out just how much is wasted,

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Peanut Fox

They could just use solar panels to power the lights.  Outside the inital cost of the panels the lights are paid for on or off.


Keith E. Whisman

This is really old technology. Small community airports remain open even after the tower closes. At night when tower is closed you have to dial in a specific frequency on your radio and key the mic to turn the runway lights on. Of course you have to do this while go through the landing checklist and communicating with local trafic.

I wonder if the lights for the whole town light up when you dial up.

And what turns the lights back off again? Is there any notice of impending darkness? What if the lights go off without notice right at a time when you really need the light like lets say you just notice that there are deadly poisonous snakes a few feet from you in every direction except behing you and at that very instant befor you can react the lights go out. Doh... 



haha, nice, a better idea would be motion sensors for people that don't have cell phones or feel like using them



not really, never been there but im pretty sure there are deers and other large creatures roaming around y'know.


...and what does this have to do with porn?



that realy is how it should be. Why do we need light on a deserted street, motion sensors make the most sense

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