German State Declares Facebook Like Button Illegal



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I hadn't realized FB was holding a gun to everyone's head, in order to force them to click the "Like" button.



While I find this humours, all it takes for FB to beat this is a better clarifcation. Because the like option is a opt-in feature, and using the like button is also an opt-in thing, they have little if any ground to stand on here.



It's about time!



Nothing wrong with the "Like" button.  Although I'd like to see a "Dislike" button added as well.....  :)



LOL this was bound to happen. Facebook has become a little too pervasive for its own good. But it's all going to be ok. Like other social notworking sites that came before it, facebook is only going to be around for a few years more. It'll soon be replaced as the king of social notworking by some other site. Maybe google plus/minus :D



People need to stop using the "Facebook/Google make billions of dollars off of our personal data and we don't get anything in return!" argument. You do get something in return. You get a free social networking service, and a free search engine. It's your choice to use these services.

Also, Facebook/Google DO NOT sell your personal data to other companies. That IS illegal and they would be brought down so quick if one of them were caught doing it. They sell a service, giving companies the ability to serve advertisments to a specific audience. This makes their advertising much more effective. And effective advertising is what allows companies like MaximumPC, YouTube, Reddit, Google, etc. to offer completely free services while using minimal amounts of advertising on their pages.



Never thought much about the LIKE button. Then again, I never used it and try to avoid Facebook in the 1st place. I wonder what the click rate is for these things.

Meantime though, don't these government types have anything better to do with their lives? Like keeping themselves from going bankrupt?



We need a dislike button shaped like a size 14 boot that rams itself up Zuckerbergs ass every time its pushed.

When he takes MY personel info and sells it to corporations he is stealing from me. Where is my cut . This faceshit should run off this planet! 

PS get it off maxpc



Is it hypocritical of me to share this to facebook in the hopes that more people know about their dubious tracking and profile-building activities, and stop using facebook? Or is that just sweet, ironic justice coming home to roost?



only if after you share it and then you like the post lol 



Thank you.  It's about time to knock facebook down!  This should be illegal everywhere.  I am gonna look for facebook destroyer.  How about a way to get rid of all those stupid google +1's as well?  And the tweet buttons, those should be the next to get the boot.


Holly Golightly

This is a change for the better! I am tired of FaceBook being featured everywhere. Every website seems to have some FaceBook plug in, like Maximum PC for example. Luckily, there is an app that blocks all FaceBook content. It is called FaceBook destroyer. It can be found on Chrome and FireFox, but seems to only work on Chrome for now. Hopefully these things will change on the FireFox side. I am tired of seeing FaceBook everywhere. I mean, it is everywhere. Can live a normal life without seeing one these days. Sigh, cyberspace needs to be a more simplier place to visit.



I don't use Facebook, and as far as I'm concerned, the less it's thrown in my face the better. Plus I love Germany (not a German though). So, awesome.



So the like button on 3rd party websites  and the like button on Facebook itself?



Go Germany!! Facebook is valued in the billions because they own and sell all of your personal data and you get nada piece of the pie. Sad that a state has to declare it illegal, but I can see why they would go to such extremes.



HAHAHA!!!  Like!!



This is retarded. Germany needs to stick to making cars and keep their laws away from opt in social issues. Come to think of it, same goes for the US in many respects.



Hmph. Interesting point. Both sides of the issue have interesting points.

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