German Scientists Create 800Mbps Wireless Network Using LEDs



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Looks like the future is going to be lit by LEDs at this rate where I'm always hearing something new and useful about them.Shaw Capital Management Warning



Cool.  Seen an article about something simillar to this.. Like right now where do we see LED's becomming commonplace.. The tail lights of cars.

So on led equiped cars... Could there be a reader on the front of each car to receive communication from the car ahead?  LIke.. that car's speed.. the distance from that car to the car in front of it? to if the driver is braking how much braking rate of braking etc... Now I wouldn't allow communication between cars... Meaning car a talks to car b and car a does something commanded by car b.

But... transmitting of information like braking, speed, distance to cars etc.... Would be a boon to a computer to begin to alert drivers that the car ahead is braking, panic braking what have you. 

The question that I have is ... what is the life of an LED when you cycle it like this.. does the life span go down?  



For the California traffic light issue... Yes they paid quite the fee in overtime and refitting for that one. At the time they used a ton of consumer hair dryers to give a temp fix for that one. since they've been upgraded with a type of elementary heating device



Out in California last winter some town had 'gone green' and installed LED's for all the traffic lights. When the snow and ice came the entire town was almost crippled. The LED lights are so cool they generate almost no heat. All the stop lights were covered in snow and ice and useless. The old bulbs kept the lights warm and melted the snow and ice. The LEDs can't.





Vancouver and area had the same problems in the last few years when most of the city (and nearby cities) fully implemented LED's.  The lights were so efficient, they didn't generate enough heat to melt the snow that was gathering up on the lamp shade, thus covering the lights.  Nonetheless, some engineers did some wiring at the major intersections to create some heat in order to melt the snow.



Oh, I thought it was in Cali. Sounds like the story I was talking about.



That actually depends on what style of LED lamp and fixture you use (clearly they didn't think about it). The LED's themselves use less power and don't put off as much heat but the overall lamp (due to the method of wiring the LED arrays, mirroring arrays, and the heat generated by the ballast in larger applications) can put out decent amounts of heat.

It's werid that this comes up since a company just pitched to us their LED street light/flood light retro fit not that long ago. It was a 6 lamp fixture that, by using the ballast to keep the temp in the fixture at around ~80 F (can't remember exact number), was able to melt ice and snow. Thus, while still using less overall power and possibly lasting longer (due to the nature of how long the life spans are for these things, a full study hasn't been done yet), they could produce a sutiable LED lamps to replace street lights which didn't need to be preheated (though these did cost more to manufacture at the time, and, depsite the complex mirroring array, it's directional spread of light wasn't optimal yet, only "good enough"). 

But the bottom line is "this" problem for LED's was solved some time ago (even before those idiots did that to the town). If by chance you find a way to improve the light spread and make white LED's less noxious to the human eye and you'll make a killing.

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